Highlands Ranch Weight Loss warns : Where are Sugars Hiding

Highlands Ranch Weight Loss warns : Where are Sugars Hiding

The Better Highlands Ranch Weight Loss warns on place’s where sugar can be hidden

Many of us know the adverse effects of sugar on our waistline and health. We are also aware that soda, pastries, candy, ice-cream and sugar cereals are the villains. Though, there are unexpected places where sugar is hidden. What we often consider health-friendly foods are in fact sugar filled. For instance, fruit juice. Most fruit juices contain the same amount of sugar contained in soda. A lot of parents refuse to give their children soda but aren’t the least bothered about letting them drink packs of fruit juice.

It seems very easy to not consume sugar at first but, owing to the fact that most of the processed foods we consume everyday contain sugar, it’s difficult to point out which ones have sugar. Below are some of the foods guilty of covert sugar content.

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Barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce and ketchup are savory seasonings that even when used in little quantity can greatly and quickly increase your sugar level. In each tablespoon of barbecue sauce and teriyaki sauce, there are 10 grams and 3 grams of sugar respectively. Are you also aware that sugar makes up on fourth of the bottle of ketchup?!

Dried fruit looks like a healthier option for consumption than candy. But contained in about 1/3 of a cup is about 16 grams of sugar. The sugar content in cranberries is higher; about 26 grams of sugar in 1/3 in a cup serving.

Salad dressings, most often the variants that have reduced fat or no fat contain sugar in abundance to make up for the low fat content. A lot of salad dressings are sugar-filled. In some, one tablespoon contains about 6 grams.

About 24 grams can be contained in a cup serving of Granola and that’s a staggering 598 calories.

Has a dessert-like taste? Well, it might very well be one.

The sugar content of Fruit-flavored yogurt could very well match that of ice-cream. Each cup of some of these yogurts contain a whooping amount of 5 teaspoons of sugar. The effect of sugar can be more severe than just gaining weight and too many calories. Studies have shown that there is a link between consumption of excess sugar and increased blood sugar and resistance to insulin which predisposes one to obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

It has been recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) that sugar intake should be limited to 100 calories for women per day and 150 calories for men which is equivalent to 6 teaspoons (24 grams) and 9 teaspoons (36 grams) respectively. Normally, the sugar intake of Americans per day is 20 teaspoons. The reason why we cross boundaries is evident since there is about 11 teaspoons of sugar contained in a can of soda. So, how can the sugar be reduced?

In order to stay in the know about your level of sugar intake, you have to be an investigator by going through the labels on food at the market. You should be aware that one product can contain many added sugars. Know that on food labels, sugar is measured in grams.

Therefore, knowing that a teaspoon of granulated sugar equals grams is good information to have. Even those who pay keen attention to labels can be blindsided. Therefore, you should be aware of the alternative names of sugars to be avoided.


Keep this in mind; you should leave any product that has sugar as one of the top five ingredients.

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Highlands Ranch Weight Loss Advice: Vegetable diet

Highlands Ranch Weight Loss Advice: Vegetable diet

Boost your weight loss with your favorite vegetable diet

Your weight loss endeavors can be improved when you add enough vegetables to your diet. So, Highlands Ranch Weight Loss Advice : you should focus on consuming foods that are rich in veggies.

But the nutritional value, taste, color, texture, and aroma of vegetables vary extensively. Since there are many varieties of veggies at your disposal, it is essential to discover the ones that you like. This way, you can enjoy your diet and also make progress in your weight loss journey.

Most people struggle to include enough vegetables in their diet because they do not enjoy it from childhood. Unless you had the rare experience of happily consuming vegetable-rich foods while growing up, you might be struggling with veggies too. In any case, there are so many varieties of vegetables around, the likelihood that you will find some that you tolerate or even enjoy is high. So, let’s explore some veggies option that may suit your taste and help you in your weight loss journey as well.

Do you enjoy Crunchy Snacks?

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When it comes to crunchy taste, celery is one of the best choices around. Fresh cucumber and radish can also provide a satisfying crunch. Others are okra, raw sweet and bell pepper, pickles, radish, and raw cauliflower. But if you do not have a flair for fresh veggies, you can consider making a low-carb dip using mustard and vinegar and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Alternatively, you can chop any of the recommended veggies and mix it for a crunchy raw salad.

Do you like sweet foods?

Jicama is a plain-looking root vegetable from Mexico filled with lots of goodness. It will help satisfy your cravings for sweets.  It tastes great when it is cooked or eaten raw

Here are a few ways you can make a tasty meal from it.

  • You can make it like celery sticks
  • Chop it and dress it with light vinegar, pepper and add salt to taste to make a salad-esque dish.
  • Cut the jicama into sticks toss it in herbs and spices, and add a dash of extra virgin olive oil. After that, roast in the oven to make a healthy fry.
  • Add Ideal Protein syrup and cinnamon.

Do you like mashed Veggies?

If you are the type that loves mashed potatoes, you can replace it with cauliflower, rutabaga or turnip. Simply smash the veggie with hand or a handheld mixer.  You may also choose to boil the vegetable slightly before mashing. Other options for your cooked veggies would be to roast zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, bell pepper, yellow squash in the oven. You can choose to replace mushroom with turnips to add a bit of crispy texture to the meal. Another way round is to grill all the veggies together before roasting, but it produces a distinct smoky flavor and more crunchy taste. 

Do you struggle to eat Greens?

Okay, it is good that you admitted your dislike for vegetables. Here are some subtle ways to increase healthy vegetable content of your diet to help your weight loss efforts.

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  • Chop mushrooms into tiny pieces, mix with ground beef and turkey, then roast.
  • Mix raw spinach, basil, and garlic together, add a small quantity of extra virgin olive oil, blend together and season to taste. 
  • Replace your white and brown rice with “riced” cauliflower.

There are endless ways to benefit from the goodness of vegetables in your diet. Take the initiative to find new veggie recipes and cooking instructions. I like to challenge people to try one new veggie per month. That adds 12 new veggies to your diet per year! You will soon discover many vegetable-rich meals that you love.

Tip of the day : Exercise while you are busy

Tip of the day : Exercise while you are busy

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Tip of the day : Exercise while you are busy

Although it is a daunting challenge to achieve, it is always possible with some Highlands Ranch Weight Loss guidelines. 

Highlands Ranch Weight Loss gives you some tips on how to maintain an active lifestyle, even when you hardly have enough time!

Get used to a “mini workout”

Trying and mastering mini workouts will help you breakdown your activities and increase your total workout levels daily when you do not have enough time for it. You can incorporate the following activities to your busy everyday life:

  • Include several less energy-consuming exercises like push-ups on a bathroom counter or doorframe before bathing, and calf raises when brushing your teeth.
  • Engage in 10-minute walks before breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner. By so doing, you have achieved 30 minutes walk in a day!
  • Try using simple workout tools such as lightweight hand weights, or a workout strap while you watch programs on the television. Also, try out a few workouts while the break is going on, or merely stroll around the house before your program continues. Moreover, if you have workout facilities like an elliptical machine or a treadmill, continue watching your show while you exercise indoors.

Use NEAT to your advantage

NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) refers to other movements, apart from eating, sleeping, or workouts, that you carry out every day. Such Activities include moving your things to your vehicle or playing games with your children, or better yet, fidgeting! You can improve NEAT in the following ways:

  • Walk about or stand during calls. Ensure your parking space is quite far from your building. Utilize a copier, restroom, printer or coffee machine that is far from your desk. 
  • Instead of an elevator, use the stairs. As per an estimate, climbing two stair flights daily, for a whole week will burn as much calorie as you would on a walk of 36 minutes. 
  • Move around a field or bleacher stairs while you wait for a child to finish a practice session.
  • Use your housework as an exercise by timing yourself and completing it in time. Dusting, making your bed, mopping, vacuuming, etc., increases your calorie-shedding and metabolic-increasing activities and leaves your house clean! 

Dedicate your leisure to workout activities

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Perhaps your hobbies and recreation activities include movements. If not, then you should consider new movement-inducing activities.

Below are a few resourceful Highlands Ranch Weight Loss tips that might help you:

  • Move around a museum, play golf, or go bowling rather than sit during outings with friends.
  • Engage in games like hide and seek, tag, throwing Frisbee and so on with your children.
Tips to control your cravings

Tips to control your cravings

Highlands Ranch Weight Loss | Tip : How to Control your cravings

Craving for sweet things from time to time is normal. Human beings are structured to hunt for sweet foods. Nevertheless, if you allow your sweet tooth to control you, all your hard work in your weight loss stage will be undone.

The following techniques may assist you in controlling your cravings:

Diet improvement

Maintain an even blood sugar level by regularly eating meals and snacks consisting of  fat, protein, and carbohydrates in balanced ratios. When you adequately give the body  the right food, you avoid blood sugar crashes and spikes. This balanced diet decreases your cravings for sweet food. It is very necessary that you chose healthy fats and lean protein. These foods digest slower than carbohydrates which helps in maintaining a stable blood sugar. Read our Highlands Ranch Weight Loss : Vegetable diet post

Emotion Check

Often when you crave sweet things, you may be craving something else completely. Assess your emotional condition whenever you have a craving for something sweet. Many people crave sweets when they are anxious or stressed. There are healthier ways to decrease stress. You can take a short nap, go to sleep early, take a walk or talk to a supportive friend.

Create a Strategy List for Driving Cravings Away

You can always redirect your thoughts when craving something, instead of  overindulging. Create a list of little pleasures to engage in or activities that will distract your attention. Most cravings stop after 15 to 20 minutes. You can phone a friend, finish a crossword puzzle, take a walk, have a cup of coffee or watch something entertaining.

Sleep enough

Our bodies tend to produce more ghrelin (i.e., hunger hormones) when we are short on sleep. When you are tired, your willpower decreases and cravings for sweet food increases. When you sleep well regularly, you’ll notice that these cravings will slowly fade away. The recommended amount of sleep is approximately 7 to 8 hours.

An Indulgence Plan

In maintenance you can enjoy sweet foods occasionally. Be sure to enjoy it when you do indulge on something such as dark chocolate or a scoop of gelato. Slowly savor and taste each bite. When you take care of yourself emotionally and physically you are less likely to have sugar cravings. Always have strategies at your fingertips as you maintain your weight loss.

What to eat when out to lunch

What to eat when out to lunch

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Breakfast may appear to be the most essential meal in a day; however, lunch is often hugely challenging when working on maintaining or losing weight. Even when you are merely trying to eat healthier foods, lunch at a restaurant or a café can be hectic. Below are some ways to guide your choice around soups and sandwiches to be healthier and simpler.

“Traditional” Essentials

If you can’t do without a great burger, wrap, or sandwich, check to see if the bun, bread, or tortilla can be replaced with a lettuce wrap. Some lunch locations may offer a “naked” option, which usually means your sandwich will be served on a base of lettuce. There’s also the option of low-carb wraps. You should know to avoid the potato chips and fries, instead opt for salad or veggies.

For lovers of warm, soothing soups, avoid anything titled with “bisque”, “hearty”, or “creamy/cream/cream of”. Soups from legumes, such as black bean, split pea, or black-eyed pea, have a high content of plant-based proteins and fiber, and are heavy and satisfying – with no added cream or flour. For options having the lowest carbs, opt for meat chili or vegetable soup (no potatoes or noodles). However, be mindful of “stews” since they mostly contain cornstarch or flour thickeners.

Salads are habitually our default choice when seeking a healthy lunch. But take heed, not every salad is healthy. Always opt for side dressings, avoid the fried wonton shreds or croutons, and be mindful of calorie-filled toppings such as nuts, seeds, or cheeses. With salads, simple is greatest: begin with Romaine lettuce or mixed greens, include a lean protein such as grilled fish or chicken, and vegetable toppings. Always go for vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, a lemon squeeze, and some pepper and salt for your salad dressing.

Outside Traditional

Lunch can be healthy and fun at the same time. You might be amazed at the many varied options available to you. Irrespective of the cuisine of the restaurant, sticking with some plans will assist you in finding a healthy, satisfying option. An easy and quick way of cutting the carbs out of any meal is by skipping the starchy options for sides such as potatoes, white rice, or corn. In the same way, skip wraps, bread, and tortillas.

Go for plates filled with protein alongside salads, steamed or grilled veggies, or beans. You can proceed to order à la carte for your main course, but many restaurants are glad to switch veggies or salad (at times with a minor upcharge).


Remember the following Highlands Ranch Weight Loss tips regardless of the restaurant or your preference when having your lunch out.

  • If you’re having a larger portion than necessary, request for a takeaway pack as you place your order and then pack half the meal away prior to taking a bite.
  • Skip condiments such as sour cream, ketchup, salad dressings, and “sauce”, as they contain hidden calories which you don’t need. Be sure to request your dressing or sauce served as a side.

Enjoy your lunch!

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