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What our clients say!

Peggy R.

After an initial meeting with Amy, my husband and I started with the Better Weigh at the beginning of January. We joined The Better Weigh to lose weight, but also to get our bodies healthier and feeling better! We have been so impressed with the program and our coach, Teresa! I have lost 15 pounds and my husband 27 pounds in just seven weeks! The program is easy to follow and we are eating better than we ever have. I have more energy, I am sleeping much better and my body aches are gone! Teresa is a delight to work with and we look forward to our weekly meetings! If you have been thinking about getting healthier, there is no Better Weigh! 🙂

Annette B.

I’ve lost an average of 1/2 pound a day over the last 60 days with Amy at The Better Weigh. She is always so encouraging – never once have I felt condemned. I’m almost never hungry and it’s felt like the weight just melts off…

Casey R.

The Better Weigh changed my life! Amy and Teresa are so professional and knowledgeable in teaching you how to make a lifestyle change to eating better which results in weight loss and overall better health. I’ve lost 41 lbs in 5 months and feel the best I’ve felt in my life! Thank you The Better Weigh!

Jeff O.

I have lost 40lbs working with Teresa at The Better Weigh! That’s the equivalent of dropping a 10lb bag of charcoal briquets off each limb and it was surprisingly easy. I’m never hungry and I’m eating good, tasty food. I feel better now than I did fifteen years ago. Plus, since I’m doing this with real food I feel that I will be able to sustain this way of living indefinitely, although I will increase the calories a little bit after I get past the weight loss stretch. I have been on diets many times in the past but they have been hard to maintain because I was eating special food and I did not have somebody to hold me accountable. Love the approach of The Better Weigh!

Phillip A.

If you are looking for an amazing way to get healthy and get off all those horrible medications? Then you need to call Amy Hicks with The Betterweigh. I have been doing the program for 90 days and I am off my blood pressure, diabetes, and heart medications. She is literally a life saver…

Cindy C.

I started on my journey with Teresa a year ago. I wanted to lose weight to feel better and get my blood pressure down. I am a very picky eater. I don’t like vegetables, but they made it easy for me to eat the ones I liked. My husband joined me on my journey. In 6 months he had lost 30 pounds, cholesterol was down 200 points, and was taken off 2 of his high blood pressure medications. I lost 45 pounds and my blood pressure is down as well. Now we both look better and feel better, but most importantly we ARE better. Thanks to the Better Weigh, and Teresas’ guidance.

Elisabeth M.

This is a fabulous program. I have been working with Teresa since the beginning of November and have lost over 20 lbs. (over the holidays!). More importantly, to me, I have significantly and safely lowered my medications and I feel fantastic. Teresa is wonderfully supportive and gives really great suggestions and shares tasty recipes. She is thoughtful, caring and goes out of her way to maintain contact. Plus, not only am I eating better but my entire family is benefiting from this program as well! I would definitely recommend this program without hesitation.

Andee R

I’ve tried countless nutrition plans throughout my life, and it wasn’t until I began working with The Better Weigh that I truly learned about how my body works and what kind of nutrition is best for ME. Rather than trying to use a plan designed for the masses, I received a customized plan that was not only easy to follow, but created real change in my eating patterns and cooking methods. With weekly zoom calls, I received the accountability and coaching that I needed, from the comfort of my home. In 10 weeks, I lost 13lbs and 15″ by doing it “the better weigh.”

Janine M.

I have been a client here for several months, and in that time have lost about 70lbs. Previously I tried exercise and dieting with minimal success. The coaching here is excellent, and my health is so much better! I would 100% recommend!

Cindy L.

Seriously! This is the absolute best weight loss program there is! I’ve lost weight fast, averaging 2 1/2 pounds a week and still going.The food is delicious and program very easy to follow. My cravings are gone and I only feel hungry when it’s meal time. Theresa is a fabulous coach, always so positive, and very encouraging. Most importantly, I feel so, so much better. In fact, I feel fantastic! My knees and joints no longer hurt when walking up and down stairs and just moving around is way easier. I HIGHLY recommend this program.

How to achieve your weight loss goals

A Plan Designed For You

Together with your nutrition coach, you will develop a customized plan that aligns with your unique metabolism and your lifestyle. To harness your body's own amazing ability to burn fat so you drop the weight, get healthier and live happier.

Ongoing Support and Accountability 

Winning at weight loss requires a team to support you. Our team will help you follow your custom plan, with coaching and education through each phase. In your individual weekly coaching sessions you will gain countless tips and resources to succeed.

Reset Your Metabolism

The Better Weigh helps optimize your metabolism by addressing various aspects of improved metabolic functioning. Additionally, we offer optional diagnostics to analyze facets of your biology that might have hindered you from reaching your goals in the past.

No one should follow a one size fits all weight loss program. Weight loss works best when it matches your unique body and health needs.

At The Better Weigh, we tailor nutrition and weight loss programs to suit your unique needs and lifestyle, assisting you in achieving your health goals. Our array of options includes meal replacement and whole food programs, ensuring flexibility and simplicity to match your preferences. Through our comprehensive nutritional therapy, facilitated by certified professionals, you'll not only gain confidence by looking your best but also experience improved health and well-being. We offer complimentary consultations, available virtually or in person, to determine if living The Better Weigh is right for you.

Frequently asked questions on why we are The Better Weigh.

I’m busy and don’t have time for complicated meal planning and shopping, can I still do this program?

Absolutely! We've devised numerous strategies to help you achieve your goals without spending excessive time in the kitchen. These include straightforward meal planning tips, slow cooker recipes, sheet pan recipes, and convenient heat-and-eat meals. Additionally, some participants opt for our ideal protein meal replacement plan, receiving breakfast, lunch, and snacks, along with straightforward dinner recipes to make your journey even more manageable.

What happens when I lose weight, what’s next?

Ensuring the lasting success of your weight loss is our focus, which led us to create a solid weight maintenance program. This involves identifying what works best for your transformed body and improved metabolism. It includes finding a suitable balance to reintegrate indulgences that were temporarily reduced. Additionally, you'll continue to have access to resources that support the sustainability of your weight loss as a lifestyle.

How much exercise am I going to have to do?

We acknowledge the significant impact of exercise on overall health and well-being. Nevertheless, we understand that fitting exercise into your daily life can be challenging. That's why our program is designed to achieve success with or without incorporating regular exercise.

I’m on a budget and the economy is tight, is this going to be expensive?

Numerous clients find that our program is not only cost-neutral but often results in savings. Those who opt for our meal replacement program mention that the cost is comparable to what they used to spend on meals that didn't align with their goals. For those embracing our whole food approach, clients highlight the financial benefits of having the means to prepare convenient and healthy meals quickly, instead of dining out. In fact, for many, the program is easily covered by cutting down on just one restaurant meal!

Can I do this program if I am a vegetarian?

Our coaches have extensive experience customizing your program to accommodate various nutritional preferences and requirements, including but not limited to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free options.

You CAN achieve your weight loss goals and live your best life.

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