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You are an individual. Your nutrition and weight loss program should be as unique as you are. Let’s develop a plan that fits your lifestyle. Our meal replacement protocol and whole foods program has helped countless individuals reach goals they always talked about achieving, and finally did. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our certified nutritionists to find out how it can work for you.

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Partial Meal Replacement

Designed by doctors, the ketogenic weight loss protocol treats weight loss as healthcare. The Better Weigh’s partial meal replacement utilizes food as medicine, empowering your weight loss. Living your healthiest for the rest of your life is right around the corner. Our certified nutritionists will guide you every step of the way.

Your body has three fuel tanks it draws from for energy. It stores sugar, protein and fat. Sugar is like your checking account. It is the easiest source of energy, and your body always withdraws energy from that tank first. If weight loss is your goal, the fat you have stored is your energy savings account, and this program helps you tap into that fat you already have stored for that energy.

Built on healthy meals drive your weight loss. The Better Weigh isn’t cutting meals out. It’s a matter of swapping your current meals for one of our 60  healthy options of perfect protein – tailored just for you. Give your body what it needs. In return, it will give back the results you’re looking for.

Whole Food Approach

Everyone has a unique body chemistry and weight loss is a matter of cracking the right code. At The Better Weigh, we find your unique macro code for losing weight – and use that code to build the combination of weight maintenance and muscle building.

We pull from a number of evidenced-based programs to find your individual fit. You name it, we do it. Anti-inflammatory, paleo, autoimmune paleo, FOD MAP, vegan, vegetarian, elimination, ketogenic – the list goes on. We deliver coaching, recipes, accountability and support – and most importantly – education to stay on course.

Our lifestyle challenges are as individual as we are. From dietary needs to emotional eating to any number of things our lives throw in our direction – there is a way to crack that code. It’s The Better Weigh.


Food sensitivities

Through a simple blood drop test, we can measure specific IgG and IgA autoantibodies against 96 food allergens present in the human serum.

What does that mean for you?

Checking for food sensitivities can help answer questions about inflammation or digestive upset. We have the best diagnostic tools to get to the bottom of symptoms like digestive issues, fatigue, headaches, brain fog, skin conditions and more! We help you understand how and why your body is reacting to these foods. We find alternatives and work to eliminate the sensitivities with digestive support. This helps our clients go from a state of overwhelm to empowerment to achieve optimal health.

Micronutrient Testing

Micronutrients are the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and the like that support multiple functions in the body, including energy production and immune function. Micronutrient deficiency is a major contributor to a variety of conditions from mental health challenges, fatigue and brain fog to autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disease.

Unlike other micronutrient testing, ours determines intracellular and extracellular levels. This test not only determines whether your body is receiving the nutrients, but also discovers whether those nutrients are getting to where they need to be, which is inside your cells.

Your body needs the proper building blocks to heal and function optimally. We work to improve these nutrient deficiencies with proper nutrition or supplementation, if needed. Supplementation is intended to be temporary until the body begins functioning and producing the necessarily nutrients on its own.

Gut Microbiome Analysis

The gut microbiome is not only responsible for our digestion; it has been linked to our immune health, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory conditions and more.

We offer a comprehensive stool analysis that looks at pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, candida, dysbiosis, bacterial levels, inflammatory markers and intestinal health. This test provides functional markers of digestion and inflammation to pinpoint problem areas and help support a more balanced microbiome. By correcting these imbalances in the gut, the body is truly allowed to heal.


Our goal at The Better Weigh is for the body to derive all the nutrients it needs from its food. However, dietary supplements are often needed when these nutrients are not being supplied by the diet.

To ensure that our clients are getting the highest quality and most effective supplements, we have partnered with Whole Scripts to offer physician grade, natural dietary supplements that are backed by science and research. You can be assured that we will tailor a supplement protocol to meet your unique healthcare needs!

Virtual coaching

The Better Weigh provides Virtual Coaching in multiple states across the U.S. so we can meet your nutritional health and weight loss needs wherever you live! Everything we do in person, we can do remotely.

Many of our clients are attracted to virtual coaching so that they can get the support, accountability and expertise with less time commitment. Eliminating the travel time is often necessary for individuals with a busy lifestyle. You can receive your coaching from the comfort of your own home or office.

With the utilization of Zoom, our coaches are able to screen share the same educational pieces that they would in an in-person setting. Diagnostic testing, partial meal replacement program and supplementation can be shipped directly to your home.

living the better weigh

If you’re just looking for education and accountability without drastic changes overnight, then simply Living the Better Weigh is for you. We optimize what you’re already doing to focus in on the results you’re looking for.

Go through a thorough consultation with one of our certified nutritionists, and put a healthier twist on what you’ve already been doing. Don’t miss out on any of the foods you love, just swap them out for similar options made with healthier ingredients. You name the food, and we make it better.

This is the program that fits your individual lifestyle by building off of what you’ve already been eating. Flip the bad stuff for better stuff – including healthier pasta, bread, brownies, cookies, ice cream, and so much more. It’s all the same foods and same meals you’ve always loved, but better and healthier. It’s Living the Better Weigh.


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