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Clinic Director

When Amy graduated with her master’s degree from Arizona State University in 2005, she began her career in a hospital rehabilitation unit where she helped patients recover from chronic diseases. It was during this time of repeated exposure to patients with lifestyle-related diseases that Amy decided she was not able to make the impact she wanted just by managing disease. She instead began searching for a way to promote health and wellness. Amy quickly realized that there were not very many approaches available to helping people achieve optimal health. This is why The Better Weigh was created.



Teresa Prince became a nutritionist after finding there was a better way to live. Teresa was always interested in uncovering different nutritional tips and tricks, and decided to make a career of it in 2016. Since then, she has helped hundreds follow that same route. Teresa enjoys helping her clients maintain a healthy lifestyle and an overall sense of well-being.



Heidi has always been passionate about health and wellness. Heidi decided to take her passion to the next level by becoming a certified health coach in 2016 so that she could share her passion by helping others on their health journey. Heidi is also a certified group fitness instructor. She has a warm and encouraging approach in helping her clients achieve success with their goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



When Dr. Andrew Hicks opened his practice in 2007, he wanted to address more than just musculoskeletal conditions. He saw that many of his patients suffered from chronic conditions such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, Diabetes, and obesity. By adding nutrition services to his practice, Dr. Hicks is now able to treat the patients from the inside out achieving improved health and wellness.

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