Boost your weight loss with your favorite vegetable diet

Your weight loss endeavors can be improved when you add enough vegetables to your diet. So, Highlands Ranch Weight Loss Advice : you should focus on consuming foods that are rich in veggies.

But the nutritional value, taste, color, texture, and aroma of vegetables vary extensively. Since there are many varieties of veggies at your disposal, it is essential to discover the ones that you like. This way, you can enjoy your diet and also make progress in your weight loss journey.

Most people struggle to include enough vegetables in their diet because they do not enjoy it from childhood. Unless you had the rare experience of happily consuming vegetable-rich foods while growing up, you might be struggling with veggies too. In any case, there are so many varieties of vegetables around, the likelihood that you will find some that you tolerate or even enjoy is high. So, let’s explore some veggies option that may suit your taste and help you in your weight loss journey as well.

Do you enjoy Crunchy Snacks?

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When it comes to crunchy taste, celery is one of the best choices around. Fresh cucumber and radish can also provide a satisfying crunch. Others are okra, raw sweet and bell pepper, pickles, radish, and raw cauliflower. But if you do not have a flair for fresh veggies, you can consider making a low-carb dip using mustard and vinegar and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Alternatively, you can chop any of the recommended veggies and mix it for a crunchy raw salad.

Do you like sweet foods?

Jicama is a plain-looking root vegetable from Mexico filled with lots of goodness. It will help satisfy your cravings for sweets.  It tastes great when it is cooked or eaten raw

Here are a few ways you can make a tasty meal from it.

  • You can make it like celery sticks
  • Chop it and dress it with light vinegar, pepper and add salt to taste to make a salad-esque dish.
  • Cut the jicama into sticks toss it in herbs and spices, and add a dash of extra virgin olive oil. After that, roast in the oven to make a healthy fry.
  • Add Ideal Protein syrup and cinnamon.

Do you like mashed Veggies?

If you are the type that loves mashed potatoes, you can replace it with cauliflower, rutabaga or turnip. Simply smash the veggie with hand or a handheld mixer.  You may also choose to boil the vegetable slightly before mashing. Other options for your cooked veggies would be to roast zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, bell pepper, yellow squash in the oven. You can choose to replace mushroom with turnips to add a bit of crispy texture to the meal. Another way round is to grill all the veggies together before roasting, but it produces a distinct smoky flavor and more crunchy taste. 

Do you struggle to eat Greens?

Okay, it is good that you admitted your dislike for vegetables. Here are some subtle ways to increase healthy vegetable content of your diet to help your weight loss efforts.

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  • Chop mushrooms into tiny pieces, mix with ground beef and turkey, then roast.
  • Mix raw spinach, basil, and garlic together, add a small quantity of extra virgin olive oil, blend together and season to taste. 
  • Replace your white and brown rice with “riced” cauliflower.

There are endless ways to benefit from the goodness of vegetables in your diet. Take the initiative to find new veggie recipes and cooking instructions. I like to challenge people to try one new veggie per month. That adds 12 new veggies to your diet per year! You will soon discover many vegetable-rich meals that you love.

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