Every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, vowing to better their health. At the top of the list, along with eating better and losing weight, is to exercise more. So, we run out and join a gym. We buy exercise equipment. We throw ourselves into a teeth gritting, punishing workout regime, determined to get the body we want.

Nutrition and Joyful Movement

All of us want to be able to move our bodies freely. We know that exercise is crucial to our long term health, but many of us struggle to stick with it. We long to be able to exercise in a way that makes us enjoy the experience, rather than seeing it as a punishment.

Part of the problem lies with poor nutrition. When our bodies don’t have the proper nutrition it makes our workouts unenjoyable, even painful, for very little reward. Additionally, the timing of your workouts and nutrition is another consideration that many do not take into concern. When not taking these factors into account, and ensuring proper nutrients, your efforts in the gym may only result in tearing down muscle without giving it the nutrients to build back up.

Personal Training

Making regular exercise a joyful movement is also about knowing what exercises work for your body. And ensuring that you are helping your body versus harming it. That is why we appreciate the skilled personal trainers at Body Worx.

Body Worx includes body structural analysis to help avoid injuries and unnecessary pain. An exercise that is beneficial for one person may be overly stressful or even harmful for another. They create an exercise plan that works with the body rather than against it. Body Worx also understands the power of nutrition and will work with you to maintain your healthy food regimen.

It is never too late to give yourself the gift of health. Find those people and organizations that will empower your healthy choices and offer you the best chance of success. The teams at The Better Weigh and Body Worx are here to support your journey to optimal health!

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