We work with many bodybuilders at The Better Weigh. What bodybuilders have learned, that the casual or impulsive gym goer hasn’t, is that building and toning muscle is more than just exercise. It is also about nutrition.

Macro Codes for Bodybuilding

At The Better Weigh we assist our bodybuilding clients in knowing their weight loss, weight maintenance and muscle building macro codes. Macro is short for macro nutrients. Macros are the ratio of proteins, carbs and fats a person needs to lose weight, maintain weight or build muscle. It is also very specific to each individual person.

Instead of simply counting calories, macro codes help you understand where your calories are coming from. They also help you understand that not all calories are the same and each has a different effect on the body.

If we don’t get the proper nutrition, we will not see the results we want to see with our workouts. We are breaking down our muscles but not taking the necessary steps to build them back up. The body that we want to see from all of our hard work is not happening.

Downside of Macro Counting

Without guidance, you could meet your macro code goals without ever having to touch a single vegetable. That’s right! You could be a macro counter and still have an unhealthy diet. This nutrition imbalance will hamper your workout regimen and potentially lead to injury.

With our bodybuilding clients, we go a step beyond macros to evaluate and establish the right nutrition for your body and your fitness goals.

But, tracking my food is a pain!

One of the most common frustrations we have heard about with macro codes is that people do not want to spend the rest of their life tracking foods, especially with a grueling workout schedule.

Macros eating can seem overwhelming. The Better Weigh makes eating the proper nutrition for your body and your exercise needs second nature. We teach you how to make your nutrition into a lifestyle, a habit that lasts a lifetime.

The Better Weigh also assists clients in timing meals for optimal muscle growth. We ensure that they get the proper nutrients within their anabolic window to repair the muscles that were broken down in the workout. Once our clients start seeing the results, they never want to go back to their old habits.

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