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Partial Meal Replacement

With the Meal Replacement Plan, we provide you with protein based breakfast, lunch and snacks that put your body in the deepest state of fat burning. We guide you with ways to easily prepare dinners that fit your goals and your life.

Our meal replacements provide your body with highly bioavailable protein. These meals protect your muscle and your metabolism by providing you with all the essential amino acids while in a fat burning state. We offer over 60 different protein meals to choose from including shakes, juices, chips, trail mix, bars, soups, chili, pancakes, oatmeal and many other simple prep or grab and go favorites. By giving your body what it needs, it can lead to the results you’re looking for – with our certified nutritionists guiding you every step of the way.


When we decide to lose weight, we want to meet our goal as quickly as possible. But at the same time, we do not want a quick fix. That is why we offer a fast and reliable weight loss but in a way that transitions seamlessly into a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Since the weight loss phase is so easy, our coaching sessions will focus on how to maintain your new found health. 


We all know what we need to do to lose weight. But not everyone’s lifestyle allows you to prepare a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack everyday. Many of us just need something delicious and ready to grab as we walk out the door. We provide you with these meals while we work to fill your toolbox with simple meal prep tips that fit your time constraints and your taste.


When working to achieve our health goals, we know we have to temporarily avoid some of our favorite indulgent foods. We have found that this can be easier when your favorite foods are replaced by healthy protein substitutes. By still having your brownies, ice cream, chips and oatmeal, it can make for a smoother transition to a healthy lifestyle.

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The path to a healthier lifestyle begins by getting back to basics. Your diet needs to reflect your individual lifestyle, needs, and tastes. For more information on how to get started, reach out to The Better Weigh today.


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